How it Works

Compete and Win Real Cash Prizes

The first ever Fantasy Draft site made by Games fans for Games fans! Compete against your box or worldwide. Each Draft is set up much like that of other fantasy sports drafts. Each Games athlete will be scored based on their performance, their scores go towards your general score and ranks you against those within your contest group.

Prizes are awarded after the Games have commenced and can range all the way up to THOUSANDS of dollars depending on which contest group you’ve chosen!

Athlete Scoring

Each Games athlete will be scored exactly how they are scored during the Games, as well as:
Top 3 Finish: 50 pts.
Top 10 Outside of top 3: 25 pts.
Day Leader (awarded after each day): 106 pts.
Event Victory: 50 pts.

Drafting Your Team
Each contest featured uses a salary draft, with a $50,000 spending budget. You can use this budget to acquire 4 male athletes and 4 female athletes to build a team of 8 athletes.

Ever wondered if you could build the perfect Games team? Now’s your chance! Some athletes have higher salaries than others (there are some obvious high salary athletes, but there are also some steals out there if you know what to look for!), the goal is to draft the best team for the contest all while staying under your salary cap.

Paying and Receiving Cash Prizes
Once you’ve registered you can now choose to play any contest available. Contests range from $20-$100 entry fees.
All transactions are secured and done through PayPal, including receiving your Cash Prizes at the end of the contest.

Is It Legal?

This site is a Game of Skill and is 100% LEGAL in the United States. This site operates in full compliance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006.
Like all Fantasy Sports, DraftRx is no different and is legal. Unfortunately due to state laws Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Vermont, and Quebec are not allowed to play any Games of Skill where a monetary entry fee is used.

All updates will be done through these three platforms. Be sure to follow and watch how your team stacks up against the rest!